Exploring Paris markets and French terroir!

Paris Paysanne aims to explore all France has to offer in terms of local, seasonal products. Emily Dilling, originally from California, is a writer who is passionate about food and the people who grow and make it. Through Paris Paysanne, she documents her quest to find farmers and local, seasonal product in the Paris markets.

Her latest book: 

My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes

takes readers on a tour of Paris’ growing artisanal and craft food scene. Visits to markets with local farmers, coffee roasters, and craft brewers in the city offer insight into the exciting development of local food movements in the city of lights and its surrounding region.

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Complete with seasonal recipes inspired by local products, farmers, chefs, restaurants, and cafés, My Paris Market Cookbook brings the experience of shopping for, and cooking with, fresh, locally grown products into readers’ homes and kitchens.

A guide for a new generation of culinary travellers, My Paris Market Cookbook provides curious cooks and avid Francophiles with a unique itinerary for rediscovering the city, including tips on how to find the best off-the-beaten path natural wine bars, craft breweries, urban gardens, and farm-to-table cafés and restaurants. It’s the perfect handbook for travellers, food lovers, or anyone visiting or living in France—and those of us who just want to cook and eat like we do!

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Emily Dilling, Paris Paysanne

Emily Dilling, Paris Paysanne